Dodgy Government

Companies with dodgy management resemble countries with dodgy government to the point.
In order to ‘rally the troops (=populace)’ they need to highlight external forces as their major threat to well-being: competition, economic environment, the Government (sic), the weather. All in support of a famous saying ‘Only when the tide goes out, we’ll see who swims naked!’ (Warren Buffet) If the domestic situation caused by bad policies, autocratic or demagogic behavior, intolerance, fear-mongering e.a. is Leadership-threatening, the easy way out is to highlight an external foe being responsible for all the bad things and hardship inside. China is dumping cheap goods and manipulating the currency, the Middle East is threatening, Terrorists will attack any minute.(You recognize the drift) This can be transferred directly to organizations – when internal, operational, excellence collapses (or never was present) due to bad policies, incompetence, dodgy management in general, external factors are being held responsible. Folks, High Performance organizations, organizations fielding operational excellence will thrive in any environment, their management does not need water (good economic growth and external conditions) to create value to its stakeholders. Even if the tide goes out they do not wreck havoc on their customers, employees and society. So, let 2013 be the year when we start recognizing dodgy theories and help management to create superior enterprises – for the benefit of their stakeholders and the country in general.

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